Longkou vermicelli
Longkou Vermicelli
Longkou Vermicelli

Longkou Vermicelli is a traditional Chinese foodstuff. Our Longkou Vermicelli is made of Green Beans or Peas with top quality, and is genuine Longkou vermicelli.

1000G X 25/CARTON; 500G X 50/CARTON; 250G X 100/CARTON; 100G X 250/CARTON;

Loading Quantity:
A 20' container contains 210cartons/5.2mts;
A H40' container contains 520cartons/13mts.

*No chemical additives or bleaching agents added.
* Gluten free

The company

    Yanliang International Limited handles import and export of food and agricultral products. Its main products include: Longkou Vermicelli, Garlic products , Ginger products, Noodles...(more..)

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